Re: Got my Excellway case from China today.


I have now used three of the Excelway EF01 cases for rigs with 16 X 2 displays with good success. 
The ABS enclosure panels are quite easy to work with. 

Just to add a couple of comments to Gary's suggestions. I have found that drilling corner holes and using a coping saw to 
cut out the "window" for the display works quite well. As Gary suggests you want to make it undersized by a couple of millimetres.
With patience and a nibbler or even an exacto knife and a file you can make a decent looking opening.  In all three cases I made 
the "window" just large enough to friction fit the display without resorting to using screws to hold it in place and this works fine. 

One other point; I suggest that you mark the position of where you are going to drill holes and then make a small divot (a nail and hammer works fine for this)
so that the drill doesn't wander. Also starting with a small sized drill bit first helps.  For larger holes (i.e. for BNC etc) I swear by a stepped drill bit to get the hole 
to the proper size.

The key to getting a good result is to plan and carefully mark everything in advance on the back of the panels and then take your time.
Remember if an opening is too small you can enlarge it, if it is too big there is not a lot you can do so, "measure twice and cut once".


Michael  VE3WMB 

P.S. One my latest enclosure I am using 2 inch wide copper tape with conductive adhesive on the inside as shielding. It works quite well but requires patience to
install it properly. I am impressed with the durability. The tape is quite sticky, but not so much that it precludes the possibility of pulling it back up if alignment is not 
quite right. I had expected that the tape would be too fragile to be re-seated but that is not the case. 

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