Re: Got my Excellway case from China today.


Good tips on working with the plastic case. Another is to use a small rotary disk cutter like a Dremel and I have a Dremel-clone that I picked up at a yard sale for $5 that works great. I was able to cut against a full-size printing of the panel layout that I taped to the back. Still, I cut the large square holes slightly undersized and used a flat file to trim them up. The result was I could make a nice friction-fit for the LCD display without needing extra hardware or bezels. Regular drill bits adjusted larger with a round rat-tail file worked for controls and connectors. I found the Baggood case very easy to work with compared to the metal cases I used years ago, but watch that you don't get too energetic as it could crack, but you could always make a replacement panel out of another piece of flat plastic or aluminum if needed.


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