Re: Nano Capability with 2.8" TFT Displays

Jerry Gaffke

Sounds interesting, $8 is a great price.
I assume it's something like this, 320x240 of RGB dots, qvga:

Will definitely require a special connector, I hope they are less than $8.
Down that webpage some under interfaces, they have several flavors of "8080 parallel interface".
Which sounds fun and retro, but I think I'll stick with SPI.

Could do plots and store a few fonts from the Nano, but that would be very limiting.
I'd simply spec a new processor, something between a $2 Blue Pill and a RasberryPi.
Better yet, let the builder choose the processor, run everything off of spi and i2c buses to minimize wires.
Forget 5v, most of the rest of the world did long ago.
If you do make a reasonably powerful processor possible, there are folks here that will use it.

A few possible projects we've already seen mentioned in the forum:
    panadapter, usable as a very low end spectrum analyzer
    sweeperino like device to plot filters
    A basic 100khz bw scope, with RF mixer so can see transmitted signal
    vector impedance analyzer  ;-)

If the processor has the muscle to support digital modes,
a display like that makes it possible to run stand-alone.

Jerry, KE7ER

On Mon, Apr 30, 2018 at 07:31 pm, Kees T wrote:
The subjects are too difficult to sort so I'll start another thread. 

There are really nice serial interface 2.8" TFTs with touchscreens out there for pretty low prices ($8-$9). I would like to know just what you can do with an existing Nano or a Protoneer (much faster and way more storage). Seems like we have enough pins coming off the existing controller to support an SPI (4 pins). May need a small board between the existing Raduino  and the TFT (level shifters, etc). What functions could you support with firmware ? In other words what capabilities could be added if you don't worry about DSP, FFTs, etc. and other microcontroller intensive stuff. 

Keep it simple and minimal..... starting with the existing uBITX and a 2.8" TFT with a SPI interface. What would you suggest ?

73 Kees K5BCQ

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