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Jerry Gaffke

Thanks for the summary.
I'm on a cell phone link, makes youtube even harder to deal with.
From what I saw, he was not terribly concise.
But did seem to know what he was doing, spoke of modelling his antenna before settling on the inverted L.


On Mon, Apr 30, 2018 at 07:46 pm, Kelly Jack wrote:

Re youtube videos- I agree the information rate can be low. One thing I usually do is speed up the playback rate to increase this and save time. Also some skipping through the intro to get to the meat. Some utubers are worse than others at getting to the point and some just talk slow. 

Of Steve's videos the ones I found most interesting / useful were the one on winding the toroids, the one experimenting with grounding options and a more recent one where he discusses using a different ferrite mix to handle more power. The titles of the videos should point people in the right direction.

No idea if Steve has found something better but I see he still seems to be experimenting with it as a new video went up a couple of days ago.

I'll try to watch the long one again shortly as given it was a presentation he gave and only a month old I presume it contains most of what the other videos have.


Simon VK3ELH 

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