Re: Please don't make Radiuno with CH340/CH341 chipsets any more! Or at least advertise that you do use them! #radiuno

Jerry Gaffke

The cheap Nano clones come with a CH340.

If you find a Nano with an FTDI chip for $2, it's likely a clone FTDI chip. 
FTDI is fed up with supporting clones of their chips, have taken defensive measures.
As I recall, some of their drivers disable a clone chip that claims to be an FTDI. 
The genuine FTDI chips work very well, and are what's used on the original Arduino Nano. 

I doubt you can buy a Nano with the CP2102 onboard, 
But I'm sure a CP2102 would work great, I have a lot of faith in SiLabs.
A driver for the CP2102 is included with recent Ubuntu linux distributions,
as are drivers for FTDI and the CH340/CH341.

About 10 posts down into this webpage:
there's a schematic of the Nano.  In that post he describes how and why a CP2102 adapter can
be made to work with the Nano, if that's a path you want to go down.  If it works, you could then try
removing the 12mhz resonator or otherwise disabling the ch340 chip on the Nano clone to reduce a 
possible source of interference into the uBitx.  Though unfortunately that ch340 is on
the inaccessable side of a Nano that has been soldered down to a Raduino.

Since mine's soldered down, I'll just use the ch340 under linux when downloading firmware.
Works great with zero fuss, and like most I'm not having trouble with interference from the Nano
as some in the forum are experiencing:

Jerry, KE7ER

On Sat, Apr 28, 2018 at 11:20 pm, R. Kuehn wrote:
What about the CP2102 part from Silicon Labs. They are $1.33 in single quantities from digikey. Official drivers are available from the Silicon Labs website for Windows, OS X, and Linux. I haven't used them personally but it's what I've designed into a personal GPSDO project that is still in the development stages. 
As a mac user I've dealt with some of the CH340 issues, the paid for drivers worked for me in the past. Going forward I'll just use a raspberry pi to program and talk to the CH340 devices if I have to. 

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