Re: Software support Request for Full QSK BITX40

Jerry Gaffke


Any news on that TR switching scheme you had?
It looked very simple and you seemed to be going about it right.
But the question remains, did it work?

Jerry, KE7ER

On Thu, Feb 1, 2018 at 06:11 pm, Gary O'Neil wrote:
Hi again Jerry;

I think I agree with your assessment of T7 being wired as a forward transformer. I haven't studied it closely, but I don't think an open load would be sufficient to create a flyback condition. It certainly isn't a flyback converter though, as i think may be the correct terminology when used with a diode in the primary... The diode which creates a lo w impedance pulsed current input for half the input cycle, and a high impedance load on the other half of the cycle which allows the secondary... typically as an autotransformer voltage to grow. I think CRT HV supplies used this technique. 

I need to review the references you provided and refresh my own understanding of this and how to correctly differentiate the differences between transformer configurations and their implications. I don't think it has relevance to this forum, but its an area where my understanding is weaker than I would like. It will serve me well to revew this in some detail and gain a deeper understanding. 


Gary, N3GO

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