Re: Please don't make Radiuno with CH340/CH341 chipsets any more! Or at least advertise that you do use them! #radiuno

Jack, W8TEE

They are very high maintenance if they work at all...on a Mac.


Jack, W8TEE

On Saturday, April 28, 2018, 11:37:43 PM EDT, ab2ts <sciascia@...> wrote:

OK... this fixed it...  Talk about Monkey Wrenches in the machinery.

1)  I deleted the latest version (v1.4) of the Chinese ch341 driver
2)  Restarted
3)  Purchased and installed the ch341 driver for OS X 10.12
4)  Restarted, debugged and tested for several hours per the instructions.
5)  As a last hail Mary, I set the options under the Arduino Tools Menu to - Processor:  Atmega328P (Old Bootloader)
6)  It worked!  I set the Arduino Preferences to Show verbose output during upload.
7)  Restarted and tried again.   It still worked.  

It is interesting that I do not have to select  - Processor:  Atmega328P (Old Bootloader) on my old MacBookPro to get a good upload.

This is only a temporary fix.   There is an entirely different driver already released for OS X 10.13.  When I upgrade to 10.13 the current driver will need to be removed and the new one installed.  I expect everything to break again for other future OS updates.

I am still avoiding CH34x chipsets like the plague.   They are very high maintenance if they work at all.   So please no more products with CH34x chipsets!   Mac users everywhere will thank you.  

Thanks to Andrew​ VK6WAM   for the link to


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