Re: mono band 2 meters rig based on the micro BITx circuit #ubitx #2meters

Tim Gorman

I agree with you. I have one on order.

If you already have a good IF system (i.e. the ubitx) why spend money
duplicating it?

tim ab0wr

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If such a radio is just CW and SSB, those ultra-cheap transverters
from the Ukraine are by far the best solution. If the radio will
operate FM… that’s where a redesign is required.

I’m using one of the transverters now and they work fine with some
simple interfacing.

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Subject: Re: [BITX20] mono band 2 meters rig based on the micro BITx
circuit #ubitx #2meters

Looks like the goal is to build something more challenging than the
uBitx. Beyond that what it is or does is totally up in the air.
Discussion seems to be moving toward a single band rig capable of
SSB/CW about uBitx size.

A few thoughts of my own:
Phase noise from that si5351 gets worse as the freq goes up, maybe an
si5338 or si5341? Having all oscillators off a single reference makes
calibration much easier. Could be used for cross band ops if it
receives on more bands than it transmits. A wideband receiver could
also be a spectrum analyzer, use digital techniques on the audio when
resolution better than the crystal filters is required. Transmit
mixer, drivers, final could be a separate board for each band
desired, zero transmit boards is an option for receive only.


On Sat, Apr 28, 2018 at 05:55 am, Tim Gorman wrote:

I'm lost as to what your goal is here.
1. The baofeng won't do SSB. Are you wanting to build a SSB unit or an
FM unit?
2. Are you thinking of a handheld or a desktop?
3. a phase line at 432Mhz won't be correct for 144Mhz. Are you
thinking a two-band unit or one-band unit?

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