Re: A steal for Arduino Experimenters

David Wilcox <Djwilcox01@...>

Check out the Chat With The Designers site.  Arduino based test gear it the project for 2018.

Get in touch with George.  Your idea sounds like a great addition to the already proposed projects.

Dave K8WPE

On Apr 27, 2018, at 6:13 PM, Arv Evans <arvid.evans@...> wrote:

DuWayne  KV4QB

Love your little 0.96 inch meter faces.  8-)

In doing something similar I used two ADC inputs as DC voltmeters so I could
measure the voltage on either side of a component and subtract the lowest to
show the difference.  This allows for measuring current through a component
that has both ends above ground. 

I am beginning to wonder why someone has not started a line of Arduino assisted
test equipment?  Products could evolve from simple voltmeters to fancy spectrum

Keep up the good work. 

Arv  K7HKL

On Fri, Apr 27, 2018 at 3:52 PM, DuWayne Schmidlkofer <duwayne@...> wrote:
I have been playing with a Pro Mini and a small OLED display to use as a stand alone replacement for a analog meter.  The existing Raduino does not have enough analog input pins to provide everything I wanted to measure.  info on my blog at
Still working on a small board to provide forward and reflected power readings for a SWR/power measurement.

DuWayne  KV4QB

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