Re: Diagnostic software for uBitx #ubitx

Howard Fidel

Great idea. If the Arduino only had more inputs we could do a really thorough job with some mods.

On 4/27/2018 8:09 PM, John wrote:
I have started developing a diagnostic software for the uBitx. 

The need arose following a forum member's trouble with his Raduino.

The objective is to help both the original kit builder for issues like wiring or "not working" problems, but also to the more advanced experimenters both during construction and after "oops moments" like after a bad wiring or when a loose lead that "is only there for 5 seconds and will never touch another part of the circuit" went wandering around the board (I raise my hand here).

So far it only tests the I2C bus, the communication with the SI5351 and the analogue inputs of the Raduino in a graphical form.

The plan is to expand to the audio circuit, the receiver chain, the TX low pass filters' relays and hopefully more.

This is where I need your input to determine what to test for in the first instance and then some ideas to make the test results as simple but still useful to more advanced users.

So if you can give me some feedback as to what issues you had when building the kit that I could incorporate in the diagnostic software either as a new test or as a suggestion as to how solve the issue, as a self help, that would be great.

Tests need not be Arduino only tests. Operator 's interpretation, as in "Do you hear the tone in the speaker, Y/N" are quite ok.

I have uploaded the beta version of the software at

Passed the tests are the questions of deployment and the best way to do that since new kit builders may not be familiar or confident to setup the Arduino's IDE. So maybe HEx files and a simple terminal...ideas welcomed.

All the best,

73, John (VK2ETA)

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