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Satish Chandorkar

With your Raduino running + / - of the crystal filter's center frequency in say 100 Hz step and connecting it to the input of the crystal filter and
measuring the output of the crystal filter with a RF probe you will be able to plot the actual crystal filter response on the paper. With this plotted
performance you will actually know the center frequency of your crystal filter and also both the total pass bands slopes. Now you can accurately
determine your BFO carrier frequency for allowing correct pass band  thru the crystal filter and placing BFO to that frequency.
So a RF probe you should have or construct to help you other than your ears



On Sat, Apr 28, 2018 at 2:19 AM, David Beal <aardvarq@...> wrote:
Hi all, 

Unfortunately, I don't have any equipment except my ears to measure the power levels.  

After calibration, during receive, my radio has what seems (to my ears) to be relatively poor suppression of the unwanted sideband.  Adjusting the USB BFO frequency hasn't made any dramatic improvement.  I'm running KD8CEC firmware and IF Shift isn't giving me any real joy either. 

Is anyone else seeing the same?  Is there some adjustment that I'm missing to improve this?  

Thank you & 72
Dave Beal

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