New uBITX Raduino (never used) For Sale #ubitx

Jim Sheldon

I have a never used Raduino from a Micro BITX (not a BITX40) complete with display just as it came in the box from India.  $30 US plus shipping ($8.00 US, $15.00 International).

Please "reply to sender", NOT to the list if interested and the first off list replay saying "I'll take it" by date time on the email will get first crack at it USD $38 shipped in the U.S., $45 shipped international.

Don't paypal any money until after you contact me off the list and I tell you "It's Yours".  Right now, I only have one but should have a 2nd one by the first of the week that may be up for sale as well.

Jim Sheldon - W0EB  w0eb (at) cox dot net

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