Re: mono band 2 meters rig based on the micro BITx circuit #ubitx #2meters

Lawrence Galea

A very thin copper wire supported by fishing line would be invisible.
I had a 160M dipole supported at the centre like this for ages way back.
I had actually used a length of very thin intercom cable and it was practically invisible. 
So a very thin copper wire supported by a fishing line will be invisible.

On Fri, Apr 27, 2018 at 5:34 AM, Steve Black via Groups.Io <kb1chu@...> wrote:

I just buried 32 radials for a flagpole antenna I am installing for HF. I have an MFJ loop antenna in my attic as well as several vhf and uhf antennas. I have a camo tri-band for 2 meter 1.25 and 70 cm soon to be installed in an oak tree. If I place it 30 feet above ground in the 65 foot tree my outdoor antennas will be 130-135 ASL. My previous location was 30 feet ASL with a 50 foot tower so with the HOA I am still 50 feet higher. I had to sell the crossed Yagi antennas I used for space stuff but I'll get over it. Oh I'm still planning to hide a wire dipole or two. If you can't see it its not there! Steve kb1chu

On 04/26/2018 09:37 PM, freefuel@... wrote:
for Ken and Steve, if you want compact antenni you really need to look into loop antenni, it's amazing what you can accomplish with some old Cable TV coax and an adjustable vacuum capacitor.  or soft copper tubing for that matter, some people have even managed to pass them off as "Lawn Art". I've even seen at least one example of a loop hidden under the table top of a plastic outdoor set.  with limited success there is the old standby of the rail gutters, and even the holiday lights for the creative! 

-Justin N2TOH 

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