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Jerry Gaffke

That's how we all learn!

Might be time to place an order for a new Nano such as one of these, the first one comes with the Mini-B USB cable:
With Banggood, selecting the "CN" warehouse means it is shipped from China, they also have US and UK warehouses for some items.
There are cheaper sources, though I don't mind giving an established vendor an extra dollar
on the assumption that they do a better job of quality control, might save me a day of hair pulling.
I suggest you get two or three Nano's, they are very fun to play with.

Once you can download firmware to the Nano using the step by step instructions provided in this forum,
it is very easy to make minor adjustments to example programs and have the Nano do new tricks.
It may take some time to get a host computer set up with the Arduino IDE, and configured to
talk to the Nano over a USB cable.  But it is a very valuable and useful learning experience.
Even if your Nano did not blow, you would want to do this so you can upgrade the firmware
to some of the newer and better uBitx firmware described in this forum.

Make sure you get a good Mini-B USB cable for your Nano.
Many such cables only have power and ground wires for charging a cell phone perhaps, no data lines.

Some folks have been socketing the Nano when they add it to the Raduino
so it's easier to swap the next time it blows.

The Nano is easier to program than a ZX81, I had one of those back in the early 80's.
Best of all, with the Nano you won't need to find a cassette tape deck that still works.

Jerry, KE7ER

On Thu, Apr 26, 2018 at 09:26 am, Geoff Theasby wrote:
It is entirely possible that 12 volts has been inappropriately applied. I did find the odd wiring error.
It was working, briefly, immediately after 'tune up'. So I have no doubt it was shipped in working order.  
I shall apply your idea for pull-up resistors (Tomorrow - I am rather tired now)

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