Re: Teensy 3.5/3.6 upgrade for uBITX

Jerry Gaffke

The uBitx has a 12mhz BFO.
We have trouble on the uBitx with either the 12mhz USB port oscillator or
the third harmonic of the 16mhz processor oscillator wreaking havoc with
the receiver.  Could be dealt with through shielding and bypass caps and beads.
Alternately build a Raduino from scratch with an oddball processor clock
and no USB port. 

Can use 3.3v UART lines to an FTDI cable or similar when doing
firmware downloads from the Arduino IDE.  All the USB chip on the Nano does
is convert from USB to UART signalling.   

The STM32F103 in the 64 pin flat pack would be a good choice.
There are pin compatible parts throughout the ARM processor range, 
including one with floating point hardware.  
The STM32F103 is used in the Blue Pill.

Jerry, KE7ER

On Mon, Apr 23, 2018 at 09:42 pm, Gary Anderson wrote:
No way should anyone hate anything.  It may be an eye opener to some what can be done with a modern micro-controller.  I am glad Jack gave honorable mention to the Protoneer.  Before I ordered it last week, I came up with zero hits for Protoneer here. Thought I might be a little crazy since very sharp minds are active and voicing their opinions.  I hate to see great  software work by Ian and others be limited to choices based on the flash memory space of the Arduino Nano, which is also consumed by the boot loader.  The idea is this may help those that want a lower end "modern" 32 bit digital solution with a reasonable amount of SRAM for their uBITX with a small $ additional investment.  Even the Pi fans might find a need for a little more horsepower in the micro-controller.  Then again, I could be blown away by a pure Pi controller implementation.

I don't think any of us want to someone else to become a drooler, well at least I hope not.  From what I see here, it is enabling.  Sharing knowledge.  Albeit overwhelming at times.
The dust will eventually settle from the excitement stampede unleashed by Farhan, and the path you choose will become clear.  Hopefully everyone will choose to ride along, and the world wide amateur community benefit from your participation.

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