Re: UBITX Assemly Wiki Page #ubitx

Jim, N5IB

Hi Bob,

Thanks for that great work to provide a clear diagram for the uBITX connections.

It highlights a point of possible confusion that will probably need to be clarified higher up the pay grades than we are :^))

Your diagram properly shows pin 1 of the 16-pin uBITX header to be not connected.
As indeed the uBITX PC board is physically made exactly that way.

But the PNG file schematics of the Raduino show pins 1 and 2 of that header connected together.
A check of a physical Raduino board confirms that connection.
And pin 2 provides the +12V line to the Raduino from the uBITX main board.

yet another But.... the PDF schematic files ubutxv3, ubitxv31, and ubitxv3-1 all show pin 1 as grounded.

No harm, no foul, as long as pin 1 remains physically "nc" on the uBITX main PCB.
But if those schematics portend a future revision which intends to ground that pin, that'll be an issue.

As an aside... if a revised main PCB were contemplated, using two adjacent pins for the +12 line would be a good idea from a reliability standpoint.


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