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Ian Lee


I use git for version control, but it seems to be difficult to trace history when the file name changes.
Instead, I will create a separate file to keep track of which files have changed each time I deploy.
All filenames are now cleaned up.
Since Version 1.070, there was work such as splitting and merging files to support various hardware.

I will publish Version 1.073 (Beta) within a day.
Thank you for testing the firmware.


2018-04-24 9:31 GMT+09:00 K9HZ <bill@...>:

Ian... would you PLEASE consider writing the version number in the file name of the code?  That way different versions can be saved easily in the Arduino ISD. 

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On Apr 22, 2018, at 2:50 PM, Ian Lee <kd8cec@...> wrote:

Rod, All

I am always thanking Rod.
And I'm sorry to interrupt Rod's work with too many changes in functionality.

1.072 will be tested and will be released as 1.073 Beta.
Several minor ones have been added.
Please wait for a day or two to download the code or firmware. 

Perhaps 1.07x will continue to be a Beta version.
Frequent formal firmware release seems to be inconvenient for some people, so I try to release it after various tests.

I think Version 1.061 is a stable version. I know there is some nice firmware based on Version 1.061 and I will install it on my Spare uBITX.
Version 1.061 and later versions are also based on Version 1.061.
The Portable version and the various language versions are all excellent Firmware and I share code with them.

Please wait for a day or two , I'll release version 1.073 beta after testing in various environments (including Linux).

Thank you


2018-04-22 7:25 GMT+09:00 Rod Davis <km6sn@...>:

Hi All,

Ron, W7HD, points out that downloading the KD8CEC 1.072 can be a problem

because version 1.072 does not appear in the list.

It is necessary to click on the Branch button, then use your mouse wheel to

scroll down until the version1.072 is revealed.

Best to All,


See below for an excerpt:

Download the CECFW source code from github

For this example we will be using version 1.072.


Click the “Branch” button to select version 1.072, then click “Clone or download” and click “Download ZIP”. Unzip the downloaded file and make a note of the folder location, or move the unzipped directory into your arduino sketch folder.

Best 73
KD8CEC / Ph.D ian lee
kd8cec@... (my blog)

Best 73
KD8CEC / Ph.D ian lee
kd8cec@... (my blog)

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