Bitx20A bandspread


finally after all the years running a stock 20A I’ve done the voltage stabilizing mod and the varactor tuning mod with a 10turn pot, and I think I’ve worked out the L7 windings now to get into the phone section of the band. But as a result, the band spread is only about 25khz. 
I remember doing a tuning mod on a sw40+ Using a 10turn pot and the bandspread was small. There I added capacitance in the VFO and get nearly 100khz band spread with a 10turn pot. 
I’m thinking that by increasing C39 on the Bitx20A I should get more bandspread?  Has anyone done this? I’m I going in the right direction? I’ll try it nevertheless but I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel. Any guidance? Thanks!
72/73 de Chas ai4ot

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