Re: Practical CW Operation? #ubitxcw

Jerry Gaffke

The uBitx works well enough as a CW rig out of the box if you have clean enough key contacts.

Here's an old post regarding possible enhancements:

The stock uBitx firmware uses an ADC channel to listen to a straight key and two keyer paddle contacts
all over one wire, distinguishing between the three by a resistor network that gives each a different voltage.
That's been a bit problematic if the key or paddle has any dirt on the contacts, I'd recommend upgrading
the Raduino firmware to something else.  The firmware could use the PTT digital pin when in CW mode
as a straight key input.

On Mon, Apr 23, 2018 at 09:04 am, Buddy Brannan wrote:
Ehhh! Listening to cw with a 2.someKHz filter is good for you! It will hone your cw listening skills and let you learn to pick the right signal out :-) 
In all seriousness, Gordon’s suggestion of an audio filter is a good one. While it’s not really the same as a filter in the receiver, they’re pretty good…or can be…and certainly can be very effective. I reckon that a DSP-based filter would be a bit beyond the capability of the Arduino. Also probably not exactly cost effective as compared to the rest of the radio. 
Do remember this is a really low-cost radio, and you probably won’t get Icom performance, or probably not even Xiegu performance, out of it, though I’m sure what you will get will be pretty decent…especially given how popular the rig seems to be. 
Vy 73, de KB5ELV

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