Re: Erratic tuning with my new uBitx

Tim Gorman

I too run WeeWx on a raspberry pi running raspian linux. Works fine!
I've modified it give me 24 hour rain and to give me yesterday's high


tim ab0wr

On Mon, 23 Apr 2018 05:20:00 -0700
"w7hd.rh" <w7hd.rh@...> wrote:

I too run Linux.  I use WeeWx for my weather station software, which
is written in Python and works very nicely under Linux Mint 17.3.
See my version at my website <>.

If you also wish to run FLDIGI, then my script
<> will help you
out with instructions here
<>.  It allows
you to use a menu to compile FLDIGI programs.

Ron W7HD

On 04/23/2018 01:53 AM, Chris Clarke wrote:
Thanks Michael.

Yes, I use Linux for everything I can. I only use XP where there is
no convenient alternative and usually pull out the internet dongle!
Had Windows 7 for a short while until it screwed up, and at that
point I decided to go with Linux (whose main issues are my scanner
and my weather station software, but really I need to sort them
out. I do use XP for Ian's uBITx Memory Manager for the time being,
not having yet had the urge to use WINE ... I guess that's another
milestone I need to reach!


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