Re: BITX QSO Afternoon/Evening, Sunday, April 22, 3PM & 7PM Local Time, 7277 kHz in North America, 7177 kHz elsewhere.

Skip Davis

Thanks for trying Dave there was QSB so occasionally I couldn’t hear both of you and when the carrier came on it made it difficult. At least I know my uBITX is getting out. I was using a folded dipole cut for 20mtrs, loaded with the T1 ATU in a inverted V configuration. I still need to finish building the 40mtr version and get it up in the air. 
I’m located in western NC so we should be able to work each other without any problem if propagation holds up.

Skip Davis, NC9O

On Apr 23, 2018, at 08:31, davesters@... wrote:

Hi Skip and all,
Worked AI4OT Charles, WA4THR Vic, N4DR Marc and VE3THR Tom. All between 750 to 840 miles distant from my QTH.
I heard you one time and came back but no response. 
Am using a homemade coil loaded dipole that is resonant on both 40 and 80. Using recycled 75 ohm television grade coax.


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