Re: UBITX Assemly Wiki Page #ubitx


Patrick:   Your idea of a stock uBitX wiring page is great.  I really like Mike ZL1AXG's website as it keeps me up-to-date with mods/issues/summaries/etc, but a  "stock" assembly page is important for uBitX newbies.  Received my uBitX in December. Browsing early uBitX threads, some builders had little or no difficulty with HF Signals wiring information, but as time went on more and more threads identified wiring, hardware, and sketch issues. While some highly customized their uBitXs from the get go, I learned it is sometimes better to stock build to insure the radio works before moving on with mods.

The attached began as a simple wiring diagram to assist (never intended to publish) in wiring the uBitX. While my uBitX is still mostly stock, over time I did revise the diagram to include a few options (I plan to pursue as time permits) as well as beneficial corrective actions identified by other builders. 

If you or others find errors please advise and will correct if it helps new builders.

73, Bob W4RJP 

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