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I too run Linux.  I use WeeWx for my weather station software, which is written in Python and works very nicely under Linux Mint 17.3.  See my version at my website.

If you also wish to run FLDIGI, then my script will help you out with instructions here.  It allows you to use a menu to compile FLDIGI programs.

Ron W7HD

On 04/23/2018 01:53 AM, Chris Clarke wrote:
Thanks Michael.

Yes, I use Linux for everything I can. I only use XP where there is no convenient alternative and usually pull out the internet dongle! Had Windows 7 for a short while until it screwed up, and at that point I decided to go with Linux (whose main issues are my scanner and my weather station software, but really I need to sort them out. I do use XP for Ian's uBITx Memory Manager for the time being, not having yet had the urge to use WINE ... I guess that's another milestone I need to reach!


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