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Gordon Gibby

​yup, that's the way it is in a free nation.

this person says X and that person says Y

the  trick is to be willing to either read, test, or learn how to tell which is closer to the truth.

And in ham radio, this is how we build that "trained reservoir" of experts that Part 97.1 reasons for existence includes.....

So enjoy your frustration!



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I think something needs to be done.  As someone who is new to ubitx I have found information all over the www and when the information on one site conflicts with another there is no way to tell which one is correct.  I find it frustrating and I’ll bet other new members of the community feel the same way.




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Subject: [BITX20] site correction #ubitx-help #ubitx


The site says the wiring diagram for the volume control is incorrect. Its it now correct.
^^ that page should be pulled or updated to reflect that change.

A wiki would be a great idea for the community so we can maintain the information together.

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