Re: show your mic

Gary Anderson

In the spirit of fun, here's mine.  I can honestly say, I've never seen one like it. Made from three discarded Copenhagen cans, a junk box metric-pitch tactile switch, the supplied mic, a TRS socket, a thin piece of open cell foam in front of the mic, a thick piece of close cell foam surrounding and behind the mic, and one pop rivet to hold the PTT lever.  The mic is mounted on a circular plastic disk slightly smaller the the ID of the can which was cut from the third can and drilled to locate the mic. The PTT lever (cut with aviation snips)  works surprisingly well, and the mic is comfortable in the hand.  The socket allows the cord to be swapped out and possibly a stand in the future, where the mic can be held by a male plug. As far as sound quality, don't know yet.

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