Re: Erratic tuning with my new uBitx

Chris Clarke G3SQU

Hi Ian

I'm compiling, uploading and running v1.070 and I still have one  issue.

I suspect I must have a calibration problem, because in order to achieve a 600Hz CW TX off-set (to match my external 600Hz AF filter) I have had to hard code the call in <ubitx_20>  at line 647

si5351bx_setfreq(2, frequency - sidetone + 150) ;

I have checked the TX frequency with a my frequency counter and it is definitely off-set from RX by nearly 800Hz when <sideTone=600>, and is correctly offset with my addition of 150.

If I just change the value of the variable <sidetone = 450>, the TX offset is then correct but the audio tone frequency is way too low for comfortable listening on RX.

With <sidetone = 600> the audio sounds perfect, however the extra 150Hz TX offset applied by the call <si5351bx_setfreq(2, 600)> takes the received signal outside the passband of my external AF filter.

Can I change/calibrate one of the program parameters/variables to achieve the same end?

I am wary of doing anything via the calibration menu without being sure of not doing something irretrievable. Eg calibrating BFO could have implications I am unaware of, as this is not the simple BFO of which I am familiar from my 1960s analogue receiver days!

The problem was the same with earlier firmware versions (eg v1.061) so am I correct to assume that this is a hardware issue requiring calibration in some form?


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