Re: Help with wiring the audio, mic, and key jacks

MVS Sarma

 I tried to image the wirinfg as indicated by Asher Farhan  using eagle foot print. here is a ping
 the jack is mounted pins facing upwards
 then the image should likely help you

MVS Sarma

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How to store bfo and vfo frequency on ver 2.. help plse...... 

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On 2/9/2018 2:31 PM, Mike Lichtman via Groups.Io wrote:
I am confused wiring to the jacks. The standard jack terminal no.s do not seem to apply to the wiring pictorial.
Do I go by the jack terminal no.s or the way the wires are connected in the pictures? With the terminal side up and the plug
opening to the left, my reference says the terminal no.s are:     1 -terminal closest to opening, 2 single middle upper terminal, 3 back upper terminal,4 lower back terminal, 5 mid inside just next to 4. From the wiring pictorial it does make sense. Thank you in advance. 73 Mike KF6KXG

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