Re: Hyderabox!

Skip Davis

Yes Ken it was a tongue in cheek comment. Although it is a good box for the uBITX and true there is a lot of room to add accessories inside. That handle is convenient for a grab and go rig too.
I’m still finishing up mods on mine before I install it into an unused Ten Tec enclosure I have that is similar to the Argonaut (505,509) only smaller. I have had it around for just such a project and the board just fits too.
I haven’t been to Dayton in a few years and miss it, maybe next year.

Skip Davis, NC9O

On Apr 21, 2018, at 13:50, Ken Hansen <ken@...> wrote:

I strongly detect sarcasm in your post Skip, but others like to complain about such things as 'travesties' and crimes against the ghosts of Benton Harbor, but as a 6m AM transceiver this device is nearly worthless if operating 'good as new', and if it was a 'basket case' in need of serious repair, all the more justification to put the chassis to good use IMHO.

If you go to Dayton/Xenia you'll see plenty of these 2m and 6m lunchboxes offered up for very modest prices, if I find one clean enough I'd get one and do it myself - it's a great case and includes lots of room for a battery pack!

Ken, N2VIP

On Apr 21, 2018, at 11:17 AM, Skip Davis via Groups.Io <> wrote:

Oh no another Benton Harbor lunchbox bit the dust only to be resurrected into a new and glorious life. Or is that a reincarnation as uBITX?

Skip Davis, NC9O

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