Re: Coast to coast on my ubitx yesterday

_Dave_ K0MBT

Hi Tim
Yeah I do have a an oscope but the readings I gave you were from my swr meter. Is my meter right?? It is a cheap cb meter. Still the readings seem to close to what others have posted. Probably is my location and atmospherics but was able to reach out and touch someone as the old Bell ads once said. Yesterday I contacted someone in Tucson and today it was Nantucket. 

My antenna is a homemade choked dipole resonant on 40 and 80. Hung between trees overlooking a ravine. I use recycled RG6 from an old residential television system. I have thought about upgrading it but then I wonder what would be gained. 

I am running 13.8 on all circuits. I put details in my first post. 

I did not check the bias on the pa. But did go through the other calibration steps. The bfo was not set very close. 

This is my main HF rig now and probably will be for some time. I have thought about making the bitx40 a mobile unit. 

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