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Jim Sheldon

That is using our RadI2Cino card with a special Teensy 3.6 processor, not the NANO.  RadI2Cino is available for sale in kit form, but the Teensy adapter is still prototype (may never be offered) and without the Teensy you won't see all the info on that display.

V is on/off for the input voltage (+12 rail) monitor, R is either N or R and indicates paddle interface normal (Tip=dot) or reverse (Tip=dash) and B indicates Iambic Keyer, mode B (A or B is selectable.  T800 = CW side tone frequency - adjustable from 400Hz to 1KHz and S25 = built in Iambic keyer speed adjustable from 5 to 50 WPM.  FUN=Function (same as encoder switch) the other one is the A/B VFO select and a hold gives you "Split".

This is only available with the RadI2Cino card, an I2C display and the real time clock is only available with a Teensy processor.


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Looks- Professional, but you are the "professional" Amateur.. I notice the volume control is pointing to "FUN"
Can you explain VRB ? T800 confirm - sidetone frequency?... Then what is S25? Keyer speed?  Red and Green are push buttons? VFO select and Function?
What is the filter for on standoff's at the BNC connector?
Great Job...

Larry W8LM

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