Update to the VK2ETA variation of Ian Lee's KD8CEC uBitx software #ubitx

John (vk2eta)

I have uploaded an update of both the Raduino and the ATU software in the folder  Variations on KD8CEC Software (by VK2ETA) + ATU sketch .

Is it targeted at portable and /PM operations. It is basically where I want it to be and I don't plan to add much further features unless they are of value to portable operations. 

If you want to use sections of code in your projects, follow the #ifdef/#endif segments that mostly enclose the sections of code of interest. I am happy to help with extraction of code if requested.

The software is organised in options that can be enabled/disabled (mostly) independently.

The key features added in this version are:
1. Reduction in libraries size by 1K byte (this allows for more features to be added in the limited memory of the Arduino).
2. Added a "Stock Standard" option for unmodified rigs wired as per hfsignals instructions.
3. Added a two adjustable levels supply voltage monitor with visual and audio indication. Level two will disable TX to protect the battery.
4. Added the WSPR beacon option from KD8CEC software version 1.061.
5. Changed logic for CW modes: frequency displayed is carrier frequency, with Rx frequency shifted up or down (CWL / CWU).
6. In split modes, the VFO A/B label and frequency change when going from Rx to Tx.
7. RIT display:  frequency is kept fixed, RIT is now shown as +/- frequency difference.
8. Added ALC levels for MAX level too. Used to be no attenuation.

All the best,

73, John (VK2ETA)

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