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Tim Gorman

I'm sure it happens. But not consistently. You need wind and something
to create the charge like blowing dust. If the tuner is dissipating the
charge why doesn't the rig itself do it, at least with an unbalanced

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Unless the antenna is picking up a static charge and the antenna
tuner is acting like an impedance to ground draining that charge
off. Don't laugh, it happens.

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Usually a tuner will increase noise, at least atmospheric noise, as
the tuner creates a match between the receiver and the antenna. A
matched antenna shouldn't "tame" the noise. If that is actually
happening then a closer look at the system might be appropriate.

tim ab0wr

On Fri, 20 Apr 2018 11:39:39 +1000
"John Sharpe" <johsharpe@...> wrote:

Hi all,

I just had a thought about new users of the uBitx and the Bitx40.

I have both of these fine rigs but with my good antenna - a ZS6BKW
<> at 30
- the receivers are swamped by noise and big signals on 40 metres.

When I tested just now a 59+ 10 signal on my IC-7300 was unreadable
on the Bitexes with the big antenna (which has a low SWR at 40
metres) because of noise. With an antenna of just 6 feet of wire in
the shack the signal was readable (but weak) on the Bitexes!

I usually use a tuner beween the antenna and the Bitexes - that
works fine to tame the noise. Also I have fitted an RF control to
the Bitx40 that helps quieten big signals.

But if you have lots of noise in the receiver and no tuner - try a
smaller antenna on receive (it will be no good for transmitting). If
that improves things maybe you need a tuner or an RF control.

73s John V2VOL

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