uBITX #933/2 Finally quite satisfied with operaton #ubitx

Jim Sheldon

Finally have this one where it will get it's top cover put on and the radio goes into the "go box".  With the addition of one of our RadI2Cino cards, an I2C 4 line by 20 character display, a Teensy 3.6 adapted to plug in place of the NANO, this one is on the air in what will be it's final configuration except for software updates when we release them.  (External USB connector in place so the cover need not be removed for remote control or Teensy 3.6 programming. One nice thing about using the Teensy is the built-in Real Time Clock!  UTC time displayed on the screen and with a backup coin cell battery, the clock stays active even when no +12V is applied to the radio.Also, I added Don, ND6T's neat little AGC mod and boy does that work nicely. 

Here are a few pix of the radio as it now stands.

Jim Sheldon, W0EB

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