Re: receiver overload

Jim Sheldon

It's sure worth the effort to build & install it.  Made an S9++ signal into one that didn't hurt the ears and an S2 signal was readable at the same setting of the volume control.  Thanks ND6T for a very workable AGC circuit!

Jim, W0EB

Jim, W0EB

On Apr 19, 2018, at 9:16 PM, Michael Shreeve <shreevester@...> wrote:

I'm going to try ND6Ts new AGC version. He seems to think its the way to go. Its here. My MOSFET's are on the way.

On Thu, Apr 19, 2018 at 7:05 PM, Jacob Farnes via Groups.Io <kk6jtl@...> wrote:
The Bitx40 is my favorite radio to listen with once I did the RF gain mod via the two pin holes and cut the trace on the underside.

I shouldn't have tombstoned the 10-ohm surface mount resistor. Just needed 2 wires and a potentiometer to be a variable resistor. Nice and quiet most days.

Michael Shreeve N6GRG

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