Re: UbitX I2C GPIO Breakouts?


Good idea Nick.  On the Atmel, max I2C speed is 400Khz, but a lot of devices do not like this "hi-speed" and you need to run them slower.  Right now I have my bus running at 200Khz and see no delay on my LCD.

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I have used these chips on many projects and used them to drive led displays, but for this application,  given the slower response of the I2C serial bus, I would stick with the given direct I/O driven LCD display and use the I2C serial to communicate with a second arduino, to add more functions. That way you keep speed, have true multitasking going on, and not only double the io, but you double memory. I plan to add an custom auto antenna tuner to mine, and a 100 watt amplifier , all in the same enclosure. I will be using a second arduino based processor to control both the filtering and switching of the amplifier in and out, and seek and search for best antenna match without having to interrupt the radio operations. That way, when auto tune is turned on, the amp will drop out to low power , the antenna will tune, and then return to the original settings. Like wise as the radio is turned to various bands, the pi filters in the amp can automatically switch with the band.

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