Re: Bitx 40 - My Raduino doesn't look like the others #bitx40help #bitx40 #radiuno

Jerry Gaffke

Looks like you got a Raduino with the right angle pins along the right side
suitable for plugging into a uBitx main board.
Raduinos for the Bitx40 that I have seen thus far had only a 5 pin connector
soldered in there.  They also had the blue pot on the wrong side of the board,
had to remove the display to access the display contrast adjustment.
Consider yourself lucky.

You have correctly figured out how to plug your 5 pin harness into that 16 pin connector.
Be careful of spare flying leads, I'd put tape over the ends so you don't short 12v to 
something.  Better yet, you could entirely remove the wire plus pin from the harness
by pressing the little metal tab of the pin with something pointy while pulling on the wire.

Will be interesting to see if you have Bitx40 firmware installed in that Raduino.
If it's uBitx firmware, will be easy enough to load new firmware.
Let us know if you need help getting proper firmware going.

I doubt you will have any trouble with this.

Jerry, KE7ER


On Thu, Apr 19, 2018 at 01:21 pm, <stljim@...> wrote:

I'm wiring up my newly unboxed BitX40 and the back of my Raduino (adruino uno) does not look like the website

I've attached two photos, and what I _think_ is correct?

Anyway, I would appreciate it if I could get some confirmation before I potentially release the magic smoke.

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