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You know, you digital guys should make up a nice diagram and a write up on
how to connect up some of this stuff for the site to share the
knowledge.  I'm just a dumb hardware guy so I need the look up stuff like

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yes, that's the way to do it --- you can also take a standard ethernet cable
(shielded if you can find it) and cut it in half, put the appropriate mic /
speaker / ptt connectors on it and you're good.

I bought a crimper to do it myself since our entire ARES group is doing
digital.   We've made a dozen or more cables, far ffar cheaper than the
commercial things.

Don't forget a ferrite or two, or put in some "loops" and tie-wrap to keep
them there.   common mode inductance!


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I got an unterminated cable from Signalink.

Two leads to the speaker jack. Three leads to the 4-pin mic connector, mic,
ground, PTT.

Seems to work ok.

tim ab0wr

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my first posting in this group.

I just made my licence and I'm thinking about buying the ubitx
transeiver. What I didn't find is a tutorial to install a
signalink-usb with the ubitx. Is there any and I didn't find it?
Thanks for support.

73, Bernhard, HB3XPN

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