uBITX - Aligning the master clock

Elliott J Olson

The instructions say to tune to a known broadcast station to
calibrate the clock. (How far off can the clock be from the factory?)
What is the minimum frequency receivable with the factory firmware? I
can't seem to get it below 1000KHz (tuning gets really erratic
somewhere below 2000KHz, going down enough it skips way up in
displayed frequency). Our local station is 1410 transmitting from
35 miles away, so it should be usable.

Not having any outdoor antenna yet, I'm trying some indoor solutions.
Attaching a 3' wire, I get a rise in the receiver noise, no signals
received yet of course. Connecting the other end of that wire to an
old AN-29-C telescoping military whip (at least 10') laying horizontal
jumps the noise even more. Should I be concerned that I am still not
hearing the local station (just receivable on another radio with
ferrite rod antenna) or do I still need to string up an outdoor wire?
(No steel in the walls to shield signals under the ground-bonded steel
roof like in my uncle's stucco house.)

Best regards,
Elliott mailto:@n0ukf

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