Re: KB1OIQ: uBITX for visually impaired ham radio operators

MVS Sarma

Congrats Andy, It is a genuined need and appreciate your sincere effort.

Like wise i also look forward for other differently abled persons' needs.
 Hopw sooner some one would come up for others too.

MVS Sarma

On Sun, Apr 15, 2018 at 12:11 AM, <kb1oiq@...> wrote:

Hi Everybody,

I've made many modifications to my uBITX to make it accessible to visually impaired ham radio operators.  I've also "field tested" the breadboarded prototype with a local ham radio operator who is blind, and I received great feedback from him.  The main differences are the addition of a keypad and a voice synthesis module, plus major refactoring and modification of the original sketch from VU2ESE.

I documented everything with the intention that others could easily reproduce this variation of the uBITX.  It is my hope that folks will take this work and build one for a local ham who is blind. 

The hardware modifications, my heavily modified Arduino sketch, plus photos, videos, and a user's guide, can all be found on Sourceforge:

The software is done, unless bugs are found.  There are only about 400 bytes of program memory available.

My next step is to mount this into a "real" enclosure.  I'm just starting to build enclosure mock-ups.

I'm also evaluating existing circuits for "speaker pop" and AGC, and better heat sinking of the IRF510s.

I'm interested in hearing from anybody who attempts to build this variation of the uBITX.


73 de Andy

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