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Thanks Bill.  I’ll keep that in mind.

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I think where Allison was going is that these electronic pots usually have a bandwidth that falls in the 10Hz-500KHz plus or minus so they will be limited to use in the audio section.  There may be some good reasons to use them in the audio chains though where you can create presets for different band-modes.  That could be slick.  As for things like drive level… no go.  There are some video range digital pots that might work there, but then can be very pricy.  For simple controllable voltage ranges… of course a simple Op amp amplifier off an analog pin of the Arduino is more than adequate.



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Thanks.  Yes, I realize the digital pot work..  should not be too hard and the parts are cheap.


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>>  It would be great to implement the K3 protocol, so I could use the front panel.   I could use Digital potentiometers for the pots on the board. 

Using the K3 digital pots means the uBitx would have to have the mechanical pots replaced with digital driven ICs.  That would
be limited to mic gain and rx audio gain.  Doable but not trivial.  Same for other features that require hardware not implemented
in the ubitx.  However if the Radiono controls it you can implement a protocol to do it from whatever hardware you want to use.

>> I could even mount the uBitx inside the K3/0.<<

Space permitting, you may need more power too.

12v power is external.  I have some 2 and 432 to 10m transverters I could throw I;as well

You may look at Andy's, KB1OIQ work for ideas not mentioned here.







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