Newbie questions...

Gerry Hull

Hey All,

Not a new ham (45 years in the game), but a new uBitX buyer.
I just ordered on Friday the 13th.  Other than my palpal receipt, should I expect anything about shipping confirmation?  No other emails received.

I'm a software guy, so some interest in tweaking the firmware.   I know that there has been some CAT stuff done with the FT-817 Protocol.  I happen to do a lot of remote operation and have an Elecraft K3/0 -- the full-size K3 with no RF in it.   It's just a nice front panel with RS-232 that you connect to a remote K3.  It would be great to implement the K3 protocol, so I could use the front panel.   I could use Digital potentiometers for the pots on the board.   I could even mount the uBitx inside the K3/0.

Looking forward to experimentation and lots of QSOs.


Gerry W1VE / VE1RM / VY1AAA

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