KD8CEC 1.061 firmware functionality

Robert Goodwin

Rod, et al.,
     I am running the CEC FW v 1.061 and using Memory Manager v1.01 and I have several questions.
Features that seem to work well include:
a.  VFO A and B and their modes being set from Memory Manager and easily controllable from the function button of the uBITX
b.  Tuning steps being established by Memory Manager and changeable from the medium duration function button push of the uBITX
c.  The ability to establish, save and see bands in the uBITX that were defined in the Memory Manager.  That said. two things are not very clear in this area:
     c1:  What is the function of the 'Band Count' text box?  Is it necessary that it be filled in.
     c2.  I put the CB band frequencies in Band 10, but it does NOT appear on the uBITX list of bands under Band Select option of the function button.  All other specified bands do show up on the uBITX list of bands to be selected from.  Why?
d.  Under 'User Interface' of the Memory Manager, checking or unchecking the '1/2 Line Toggle' works to change the 1st/2nd line display on the uBITX.  'S Meter' and 'Always display Callsign' do NOT appear to have any effect on uBITX operations.  I have found some older references by Ian Lee that the 'S Meter' is pending but nothing to indicate whether the 'Always display Callsign' should or should not work.  Other features in this section not yet tested by me.
e. User Channel Configuration in Memory Manager does result in these options being available under the list of 'Channel to VFO' in the uBITX.  Very nice feature, especially for the 10 channels with the labels
f.  'WSPR - Configuration' in Memory Manager successfully results in at least one WSPR message option from the 'WSPR Beacon' option of the uBITX function button.

HOWVEVER, there as several things that either don't work, or which I have not yet cracked to code on how to make work.
1.  What is supposed to be stored in the 'Master', 'LSB', 'USB', and 'CWL/U' calibration text boxes of the Memory Manager?
2.  What is the purpose/function of the VFO A / VFO B Section.  There are text boxes for entering VFO A and B frequencies and Modes, but they do not appear to affect what is displayed on the uBITX, which boots up to the last values used when turned on.  Also, most text boxes for frequency entry on the Memory Manager specify whether data is to be entered in kHz or Hz, but these two VFO A and VFO B frequencies do not specify the units. How is this section supposed to be used?
3.  What is the function of the CW ADC Ranges in the Memory Manager?  What does ADC stand for and what are the units of the ranges?
4.  What is the function of the Memory Key section?  Is it functional?  I am particularly interested in the purpose of the 'Tune TX Type' which appears to attempt to define receiving and transmitting behavior, in and/or out of ham bands? 
5.  In the 'Band Count' area of Memory Manager,
     5a.  what is the function of the 'Auto Integration' buttons for 1, 2, & 3.  Are these defining the legal ham bands for different regions of the world?
     5b.  what is the purpose of the 'Band Count' in Memory Manager and how does it affect the Band options shown when using the Band Select option of the uBITX function button.
6.  What is the function / effect of putting values in the 'Saved Band Freq' section of the Memory Manager?  What does it affect in the operation of the uBITX?
7.  What is not yet functional in the 'User Interface' section of the Memory Manager in terms of having any effect on uBITX functionality?
8.  In the WSPR Configuration section of the Memory Manager,
     8a.  The X-TAL text box shows 25,000,000 (without the commas I've typed in for clarity).  Does this ever need to be changed?  If so, to what?  How determine X-TAL value?
     8b.  Like all other 'Calibration' values in the Memory Manager this one shows '0' but has guidance to 'Correct the calibration value according to the WSPR result  ex) 147000,  145000'.  What does this guidance mean?  What is a WSPR result and where is this value provided?

I love these features but feel confused and unsure of myself in the absence of answers to the above questions.

Bob Goodwin , N4HCI

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