Re: Baofeng Microphones


My solution for Baofeng Mic.

Panel mount mono jacks, one 3.5 and one 2.5, from Radio Shack in store stock (could probably order online), if you turn these back to back, and butt them against each other, with the ears turned out, it is a perfect fit for spacing.  I had posted a picture before, I will look to see if I can find it again.  

I then use only the PTT, and the Mic element in the enclosure, enlarge the hole in front of the element, remove the speaker, and make sure the only two circuits are PTT and MIC, I removed SMD components and unnecessary trace runs by exacto knife cuts.

Works fine for me.

Craig Thibodeaux

On Apr 12, 2018, at 9:30 AM, David Wilcox via Groups.Io <Djwilcox01@...> wrote:

I like your idea of an adaptor board instead of cutting off the connector. Has anyone made a small board with the double jacks on one end and a single plug on the other?

Another note:  my Baofeng speaker mike was of such poor quality that I bought an almost identical from Btech, QHM22, a much better product for $23.00 USD.  The speaker is top notch and reports of my voice quality are very good now.  So the Btech mike might be a better choice for the Bitx rigs too.

Dave K8WPE

On Apr 12, 2018, at 7:02 AM, Mvs Sarma via Groups.Io <mvs_sarma@...> wrote:

Now a days it is difficult to gety a 2.5 and 3.5 combined plug.
As such  i humbly feelt hat instead of chopping off,  better we have a jack and plug (extension card assembly) and adopt it to original baofeng type (ebay) mic)

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