Re: Variation on Ian's KD8CEC uBitx software (based on his 1.04 release for now) and ATU sketch. #ubitx

John <passionfruit88@...>

Uploaded an update of the KD8CRC based software (V1.04 based) for Raduino and ATU Arduino.

Key changes in Version 20180411:

- Made the menu system dynamic so that items can be inserted at compile time or can be context-dependant 
                   at run time.
- Added output power attenuation for 80 to 10M using first IF shift. 
- Added new menu item "Power Level": low/high/max for SSB modes. 
- Made CW menu items display dependant on having CW modes selected. 
- Reduced the level at which the software AGC comes in. Adjusted the correction of S-Meter when software AGC
  comes into play.
- Changed tone generation for ATU tuning sequence from CW to using SSB with the 2nd Arduino generated tone.
- Change tune sequence to a)Select the "Low" power setting before performing a tune and 
                   b)Change tune frequency to tune on carrier (offset by audio tone frequency).

Assumes the following hardware change (only if using an ATU): a digital output on the ATU Arduino is used to generate a tone. An audio filter identical to the Raduino CW audio tone filter is used and it's output is connected to the mic input of the SSM2167 module.  If digital outputs are freed-up on the Raduino, for example by using an I2C display, the same can be implemented with only the Raduino.

This allows to have a low power tune function.

All the best,

73, John (VK2ETA)

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