Re: AGC circuit to try?


On Tue, Apr 10, 2018 at 11:29 am, Jerry Gaffke wrote:
do think your gain control scheme using the 1n400x parts would work fine.
Though one BAP64Q gives more dynamic range, and can be all in one spot.
They are better at higher frequencies.  However at lower HF it may be problematic.
The 1N4007 is fairly slow and makes a terrible rectifier at 10KHz, I tried them years
ago for a LVSMPS to go from 24V down to 5V.  Schottky was a must.

And is just plain cool.
It's puzzling to me that they can maintain a 50 ohm impedance so well.
There are several designs that as the diode goes to high resistance its complement
is going to low resistance into a resistor.  With care this works well to the Ghz and
higher range.  Check page 9 of the attached PDF.

I'll put the Microsemi hand book in the files area.


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