Re: Erratic tuning with my new uBitx

Chris Clarke G3SQU

Hi Ian
Just to let you know that my straight key behaviour has now improved out of sight with v1.061, which is fantastic. I was finding that different keys behaved differently and could be unreliable, my favourite Speedex in particular, so I'm really pleased about that.

Also my receiver is now performing far better for CW operation than with v1.01: I had been wondering if there was a problem that the SSB passband was being used for CW, as when I was tuning to zero-beat at 600Hz, where my passive audio filter peaks, the signal would not just be getting weaker but there was so little of it left I could barely hear it! The only benefit of using my filter was that I didn't hear so much QRM either. Now this doesn't happen, I'm gad to say so it's improved my operating experience immeasurably. I took part in the SP-DX competition at the weekend without being able to use my audio filter and was just swamped by all the competing stations. I did manage 34 QSOs, but again I was struck that those powerful signals, that were so strong when 2-3 KHz off tune, were barely audible once I'd tuned them to my 600Hz offset/RIT - the band was so busy there was always QRM from 2-3 KHz off frequency. Not being an SSB operator, nor having ever owned a good SSB-capable rig, I had never come across this particular 'feature' ... seems obvious now!

However, it has left me with another question! I am using CWL because it 'feels' better: I tune above the signal carrier and my RIT offset is subtracted and so my signal has the same frequency as the signal I have tuned in, but as it is below my listening frequency I feel that I am operating with the USB and therefore it should be called CWU! Is my logic faulty or have I got my rig configured all wrong?

Hope you are not pulling your hair out with my naive questions pre-digital age questions ... I'm not sure if I dare start asking about the BFO configuration!

Despite the queries I am having a fascinating and very rewarding time with this rig and your enhanced software, and I am extremely grateful that you have put in so much time and effort.

Best 73 Chris

PS I don't have a microphone so I'm basically staying away from all SSB-related issues if I can!

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