Re: TDA2822 Audio problem #ubitx #tda2822

Jerry Gaffke

The Arduino already does UART, digital pins 0 and 1 get tied to the CH340 usb chip on the Nano.
That chip converts the usb interface on your host into UART TX and RX that the ATMega328P can deal with.
I'm just proposing that we do away with the CH340 chip on the Nano, and use a cable assembly 
that includes a CH340 chip or similar, typically only needed when we download firmware.
Though since the 9600 baud interface is so slow it is easy to filter before going into the rig
if you wish to have that USB connection while using the rig for digital modes.

Here's a nice cheap USB-to-UART converter.

On Tue, Apr 10, 2018 at 08:45 am, Dexter N Muir wrote:
I like it! UART to the rig - could do high-rate given logic-level, UART<->USB remote to take the place of the old RS232 (remember them ol' D9 and D25 cables and connectors?). What sort of cost?
How would the Arduino do UART? How many pins?

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