Re: Erratic tuning with my new uBitx

Chris Clarke G3SQU

Hi Ian

I'm nearly there!

I've installed v1.061 firmware and uBITX Memory Managerv1.01 and unchecked the option to show frequency shift in CWL and CWU modes.

Can you tell me exactly what the option "Enabled Adjust Frequency CW frequency" does when ticked (which it is)?

After enabling RIT, now RitTX and RIT A both show identical values, whilst my actual TX frequency = RIT A - CW tone frequency (which I've just changed to match the 600Hz peak of my beloved W3NQN passive CW audio filter). RIT A changes as a I tune, as expected, and Rit TX is unchanged,as expected, and I suppose you could argue that Rit TX is the frequency to which I need to tune to get back whence I started, so is that the intention? But in my head I think I should be seeing the TX frequency!

I'm still clearly still misunderstanding something, but I'm definitely getting closer!

73 Chris

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