Re: Variation on Ian's KD8CEC uBitx software (based on his 1.04 release for now) and ATU sketch. #ubitx

Tim Gorman

I changed out the nano and the lcd interface board.

Now the display works but the software has a problem. It initializes in
CW mode at 7250khz. The encoder will not change the frequency. The
function switch does put the unit into menu mode and you can change the
mode to LSB, USB, etc but when you turn the encoder it jumps back to CW
at 7250khz. Other menu choices can be accessed, e.g. band, channel to
vfo, etc. Changing band to 80 still leaves the unit in CW at 7250khz.

This is the 1.07 software.

Still works fine with the w0eb el al. software.

I'm going to try John's software to see if elminating some options
might change things.

More troubleshooting ahead I guess.

tim ab0wr

On Sun, 8 Apr 2018 11:53:11 -0500
"K9HZ" <> wrote:

Ok then it must be a difference in the controllers we are using.
Mine works with both Ian's software and the W0EB release. I can't
explain why that would be...

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