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Mike Woods


You need to install the PinChangeInterrupt library first.  Then restart the Arduino IDE and all should be well.   Go to "Tools" and "Include library" in the menu system.


On 8/04/18 1:17 PM, AGØH wrote:
I've downloaded v1.27.7 sketch to the Arduino IDE.  Installed the necessary driver (Ch340/341).  My OS is WIN10.  Installed the PinChangeInterrupt library  to the same directory that raduino_v1.27.7.ino is in.  Hooked up the raduino and then tried to compile the sketch.  I got the following:  

I removed the word '-master' from the title as suggested by  the readme file but to no avail.  as you can see it stopped after starting the compile telling me that the compilation stopped because of an error.  When I scrolled up, you can see it's listing the #include <PinChangeInterrupt.h> as the error.  There are three other lines in that sketch but it looks like it stopped after not being able to find the first one.  
I verified that the raduino was working earlier by loading/running  the blink example.  So,I'm in sore need of suggestions on how to load in this program.
A little background:   I did go by a set of instructions by Pat AA4PG (updated by VE3RRD). My main directory for the Arduino IDE is C:\\.  I created another directory in C:\\ for Bitx40Software where I placed the raduino_v1.27.7 sub directory.  I copied the unzipped raduino_v1.27.7.ino in that directory along with the PinChangeInterrupt directory. Clicking on the Sketch file automatically starts the IDE and the result you see in the above capture.
Thanks es 73 for any and all help, 
Keith - AGØH 

Mike Woods

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